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Military website templates

Web templates in this category cover most branches of the Military, and websites that are of a military theme. A few of the templates are specifically tailored to Veterans. If you are a military veteran or veterans association then one of our templates will give your site a look that you can be proud of. Our templates will help you represent your organization online in the most professional manner possible.

They can also be used to cover generic military themes. Gaming sites can make use of these templates to cover their clan in CoD black ops, modern warfare 2, Counterstrike and other online multiplayer games. Enthusiasts, historians and collectors will also find them of use. Show off your World war 2 rifles from M1 Garands, Springfield 1903s, Browning rifles, Mosin Nagants, Lee Enfields, K-98 Mausers - to your Lugers, Webley revolvers and 1911's.