Step 1 - The zip file

Windows XP comes with a utility to unzip this file, if you aren't using XP, then see below where I have listed some Zip utilities. If you use a utility other than the one included with Windows XP, then install it, run it, and open the zip file you downloaded from This section will guide you through unzipping the file that you downloaded from using the Windows XP zip utility. If you don't use windows XP try one of the utilities below:

Download WinZip - Windows, recommended

Download PkZip

1) Double click on the template zip file that you downloaded from This will bring up the extraction wizard. Click File/Extract all. The wizard window will popup, click next.

2) You will now be prompted for a folder to extract to. I suggest extracting somewhere new that you can remember.. such as C:\template. Once you type the place to extract, click next as shown below:

3) The template is now extracted to your harddrive. To view the template, right click start, click explore. Click the templates folder, and this is where your template can be found. If you would like to preview the template, double click index.html (this is the file you will be editing soon).

If you need a zip program for a different OS try a search for your OS name + zip on Once you have a suitable program, unzip the file to your harddrive into a folder.. (just make a new one).