Step 6 - Making more pages

Once you have your main page completed, in Windows Explorer do the following:

1) Right click the index.html of the template, click copy.

2) Right click on any folder except the one containing the index.html file, and click paste.

3) Open the folder you pasted into.

4) Right click on this new index.html file and select rename.

5) Rename it to the desired name, but do not change the html extension.

6) Right click on the new file and click copy, right click on the folder containing the original index.html, click paste.

Now this file has the same interface, menu, and content as the original index.html file. Just open and edit it, typing in what the page needs. You can now cross link these files within your source code and you have the beginnings of a web site. For help setting up links, view 'the menu'.