Step 7 - Putting your site online

There are many ways to put your site online, but I'm going to cover the ftp instructions, the other methods are self explanatory. Some hosts (free hosts), have online file managers where you would transfer your files to their server. If you are unsure what method to use or what options you actually have available for uploading, contact your host.

To upload via ftp, you need an ftp program:

I recommend WS_FTP PRO: Download WS-FTP - trail version

There are many programs available, and if you need one for another platform, then try a search on

Once the program is installed, connect to your host using your username and password and your hosts ftp address (contact them if you are unsure). The program has a file system interface, so it is easy to get to the folders you need. Just be sure to upload the template as it came, and if you have a public_html folder on your hosts server, then upload all the files into that folder. If you are experiencing difficulties uploading, then you need to contact your hosting company.